U.M.P for Schools

We have come to understand that communication is the cornerstone of a supportive and effective educational environment. 

That’s why we are proud to introduce the School Universal Mediation Program (School U.M.P) — a dedicated software platform designed to enhance dialogue, resolve conflicts, and build a stronger school community.

Why School U.M.P

  • U.M.P aids members of a school in crafting a “school peace agreement” to establish a more harmonious atmosphere. 
  • The U.M.P also assists in handling incidents, conflicts, and decisions that arise in the school environment, promoting constructive resolutions.

The School U.M.P has 3 specific modes that are designed to be customized to your Schools needs and concerns:

  • Inclusive Communication: The School UMP ensures that every member of your community, from students to teachers, administrative staff and even parents, can express their views and be heard in a structured, respectful manner.
  • Conflict Resolution: U.M.P is equipped to handle disagreements and challenges constructively, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding.
  • Decision Making: From student council elections to policy changes, the School UMP facilitates clear, democratic decision-making processes that reflect our collective values and priorities.


Features of School U.M.P

  • Templates for Dialogue: Customizable templates guide users through common school scenarios, from organizing events to addressing classroom issues, ensuring that every discussion is productive.
  • Structured Sessions: The UMP’s session-based approach allows participants to contribute at times that suit them, fostering thoughtful responses and considered decisions.

  • Visual Tools: Our dynamic canvases help visualize discussions, making complex information easy to understand and engaging for younger users.

  • Real-Time Feedback: Track the progress of ongoing dialogues and resolutions with our real-time feedback system, designed to keep all participants updated.


  • School U.M.P Templates:

    • School Peace Agreement

    • Conflict Resolution between Students

    • Teacher-Student Misunderstanding

    • Development of School Policies

    • Planning School Events or Projects

    • Creating Class Agreements or Rules

Bringing Community Together


The School UMP is more than just a platform; it’s a commitment to nurturing a harmonious school environment where every challenge is met with collective wisdom and every voice contributes to shaping our future.

Ready to be part of the change? Join us in making our school a model of effective communication and decision-making.