UMP for Facilitators

Empowering Facilitators to Enhance Communication and Conflict Resolution in their Practice

We have come to understand that communication is the cornerstone of a supportive and effective educational environment. 

That’s why we are proud to introduce the School Universal Mediation Program (School U.M.P) — a dedicated software platform designed to enhance dialogue, resolve conflicts, and build a stronger school community.

Why U.M.P for Facilitators

To Enhance Your Mediation Practice, Improve Understanding, and Resolve Conflicts with Confidence

As a facilitator, you play a crucial role in guiding discussions, resolving conflicts, and helping groups reach consensus. UMP for Facilitators is designed to support you in this important work, providing the tools and structure you need to lead effective mediation sessions and foster constructive dialogue.

  • Structured Communication: U.M.P offers a formal and systematic approach to communication, ensuring clarity and focus in every discussion.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Whether for personal decisions, group consensus, or formal agreements, U.M.P helps guide participants towards well-informed and thoughtful outcomes.
  • Conflict Resolution: Utilize U.M.P’s tools to navigate and resolve conflicts effectively, transforming disagreements into constructive dialogue.
  • Adaptable Templates: With templates tailored for various scenarios—from schools and families to businesses and communities—U.M.P provides a versatile starting point for any facilitation need.


Features of U.M.P for Facilitators

  • Sessions & Rounds: Conduct sequential communication sessions that allow participants to reflect and respond thoughtfully, reducing emotional reactions and fostering productive discussions.

  • Questions & Statements: Drive conversations with targeted questions and detailed statements, helping participants express their thoughts clearly and comprehensively.

  • Consensus Models: Choose from multiple consensus models, including Unanimous Agreement and Majority Rule, to find the best fit for your group’s needs.

  • Visualization Tools: Use canvases to visualize data in various formats, helping participants see different perspectives and patterns within the communication.

  • Accountability & Verification: Ensure follow-through with cryptographically verified agreements and detailed records of all interactions.

Benefits of U.M.P for Facilitators

  • Improved Communication Quality: Overcome common communication breakdowns such as interruptions, emotional triggers, and off-topic diversions.
  • Flexible Participation: Allow participants to engage at their convenience, accommodating different schedules and reducing the pressure of immediate responses.
  • Transparent Documentation: Maintain clear, accessible records of all sessions and agreements, promoting accountability and trust among participants.
  • Skill Development: Equip participants with valuable problem-solving and communication skills that extend beyond the use of the platform.


  • U.M.P Facilitator Templates:

    • General 1:1, couple or group Facilitation
    • Educational Settings
    • Family and Personal Relationships
    • Business and Professional Settings
    • Community and Team Settings
    • Personal Development
    • Specialized Facilitation

Join the U.M.P Facilitators Today!

In a world where clear communication is the cornerstone of progress, the Universal Mediation Program (U.M.P) stands as your ally in fostering understanding, resolving conflicts, and guiding individuals and groups toward informed decisions.

By integrating U.M.P into your facilitation toolkit, you empower yourself to create environments where every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and collective goals are achieved with clarity and purpose.

Embrace the potential of structured dialogue and elevate your facilitation practice to new heights. Discover how U.M.P can transform your sessions into catalysts for healing and meaningful change.