U.M.P for Business

Targeting business environments, this edition helps leadership teams converge on complex or challenging decisions. The UMP can be utilized for various HR-related use cases within any size of business or organization, potentially aiding in dispute resolution, team building, and strategic decision-making.

Why U.M.P for Business

The Universal Mediation Program (U.M.P) for Business is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate structured communication, enhance decision-making processes, and resolve conflicts within professional environments. Whether you are addressing team disputes, strategic planning, or HR-related issues, U.M.P for Business provides the tools to ensure every voice is heard and every decision is well-informed.

Why Choose U.M.P for Business?

  • Structured Communication: Our platform ensures clear, organized, and formalized communication to reduce misunderstandings and improve collaboration.
  • Effective Conflict Resolution: Address and resolve workplace conflicts efficiently with our structured mediation tools, designed to handle complex and emotional discussions.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Utilize various consensus models and data visualization tools to make informed, strategic decisions that align with your business goals.
  • Flexible Participation: Engage in discussions at your convenience, allowing for asynchronous communication that fits around busy schedules.
  • Accountability and Transparency: Document every session and agreement to ensure transparency and accountability, creating a reliable record of all decisions and actions.


Features of Business U.M.P

Key Features

    • Sessions and Rounds: Conduct discussions through sequential sessions, giving participants time to reflect and respond thoughtfully, leading to more meaningful exchanges.
    • Agreements and Outcomes: Develop clear, actionable agreements with defined outcomes, milestones, and steps to ensure effective implementation.
    • Templates: Start with business-specific templates tailored for various scenarios such as strategic planning, team building, and performance reviews.
    • Fuzzy Logic: Capture the full spectrum of opinions with our fuzzy logic engine, allowing for nuanced responses that reflect true sentiments.
    • Visualization Tools: Use canvases to visualize data, agreements, and progress, enhancing understanding and engagement.


  • U.M.P for Business Templates:

    • Performance Reviews and Feedback

    • Project Planning and Management

    • Policy Development and Implementation

    • Conflict Resolution between Team Members

    • Internal or External Negotiations

    • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Bringing Community Together

Transform the way your business communicates, collaborates, and makes decisions with U.M.P for Business. Achieve higher quality communication and more effective outcomes, fostering a more productive and harmonious workplace.