U.M.P Community

This edition is dedicated to community decision-making. Recognizing the need for community-level consensus on the direction and efforts of the community, this tool helps facilitate communication, promote understanding, and forge agreements that reflect the collective will of the community.

Why Community U.M.P

Enhancing Communication, Building Consensus

The Community Universal Mediation Program (U.M.P) is a comprehensive communication platform designed to foster collaboration, facilitate decision-making, and resolve conflicts within community groups. Whether you’re organizing local events, managing community projects, or addressing neighborhood issues, the U.M.P provides the tools to ensure every voice is heard and every decision is well-informed.

Why Choose Community U.M.P?

  • Structured Communication: Our platform guides conversations through formalized sessions, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring clarity.
  • Consensus Building: Utilize multiple consensus models, from unanimous agreement to majority voting, to achieve fair and representative outcomes.
  • Conflict Resolution: Address and resolve disputes effectively with our structured mediation tools, designed to handle emotional and complex discussions.
  • Flexible Participation: Engage in discussions at your convenience, ensuring that everyone can contribute regardless of their schedule.
  • Documentation and Accountability: Every session is recorded and verifiable, providing a transparent record of all decisions and agreements.


Features of Community U.M.P

Key Features

  • Sessions and Rounds: Conduct discussions in a series of structured sessions, allowing participants to reflect and respond thoughtfully.
  • Agreements and Outcomes: Develop clear, actionable agreements with defined outcomes, milestones, and steps to ensure follow-through.
  • Templates: Start your communication with templates tailored for various scenarios, such as planning community events or resolving neighborhood conflicts.
  • Fuzzy Logic: Express nuanced opinions with our fuzzy logic engine, capturing the full spectrum of participant sentiments.
  • Visualization Tools: Use canvases to visualize data and agreements, enhancing understanding and engagement.


  • Community U.M.P Templates:

    • Planning Community Events

    • Decision Making for Community Policies

    • Conflict Resolution between Community Members

    • Facilitating Town Hall Meetings and Discussions

    • Community Development Planning

    • Enhancing Community Engagement

Bringing Community Together

Join the Community U.M.P today and transform the way your community communicates, collaborates, and decides. Together, we can achieve higher quality communication and more effective decision-making.